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   Car Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Car Insurance FAQ's


What is Excess?

Excess is the contributory amount you pay when you make a claim, but if the claim is found to not be your fault, it is sometimes possible to recover this excess from the party found to be at fault.


I am named on another car insurance policy, am I entitled to no claim discount?

Most insurers will only reward the policy holder with no claim discount. But if you have been claim free some insurers may be able to give you an introductory discount. Young drivers can sometimes receive a discount if they have completed the Pass Plus course.

If I have an Accident, what Happens?

This will depend on your car insurance cover, some insurers can arrange for your vehicle to be recovered and you and your passengers can be taken home or to your destination in safety.

How do I Make a claim?

You should contact your insurance company where details of the accident will be and most insurers will sort out your problem immediately. There can be forms to fill in but you will usually be informed whether your car insurance policy covers you for the incident, what you have to pay and the steps involved in your insurance claim being settled.

Can I Still Drive while my car is being repaired?

Some insurance policies provide a courtesy car and this is usually available for the duration of any repairs to your vehicle. If your car is stolen or a total loss then most insurers will guarantee a hire car until an offer is made to settle the insurance claim.

What Does Legal Cover Mean?

Legal Cover usually provides legal advice via a helpline. Legal cover can provide assistance to recover uninsured losses (such as your excess), medical losses or loss of earnings. Legal costs to pursue a case after a motoring accident, and up to cover to defend against any motoring prosecutions (this usually excludes drink and drug-related offences).

Can I drive abroad with my car insurance policy?

These days car insurance policies usually cover you to drive in any country which are members of the European Union, to the minimum level of insurance required (normally third party only). If you need a higher level of cover insurers can offer you additional cover.

Can I protect my No Claim Discount?

With most insurers you can protect your no claim. This means that if your car is stolen, or you have no other party to claim against, you will not have to lose your no claim discount as well.

Do I need business use insurance to drive to work?

Under most insurance policies you can drive your vehicle back and forth to work using social, domestic and commuting purposes. Insurers can increase your cover if you need to use your vehicle to visit any other sites of business during your working day. This usually does not cover any goods or samples carried in connection with business use.

What should I do if I need to make a change to my insurance?

Contact your current insurer and they will make the changes and send you the updated documentation.

What changes do I need to tell my insurance company about?

You must tell changes in your name, address, mileage, modifications to your car and driving convictions.

If I leave my keys in the car am I not covered on by my car insurance?

In most cases that is correct. If you leave your keys in your car even if it is only to pop down the shops or drop off a letter and your car is stolen, your car will not be covered. Remember always to take your car keys with you or make sure someone stays with the car.

My son is driving. What is the best way to insure him?

It is best to insure young drivers on their own policies. They will collect their own no-claim bonus which will help lower their insurance premiums. Most insurance companies now offer a young driver policy. Parents quite often insure their children as secondary drivers on their own insurance policy when actually the child is the main driver of the car. Parents think this is the cheapest way to get their children on the road but often this isn't the cheapest way and if insurance companies find out that the young driver is the main driver they may not pay out on an insurance claim. This is because information you have provided is incorrect and the insurance therefore becomes invalid.

I have a maximum no claim discount and I have bought a second car, can I add my no claim bonus to both cars?

No, you must earn another set of no claim bonus for your second vehicle. But some insurers can give you an introductory discount equivalent to the no claim bonus that they hold.

Can I drive other people's cars under my own car insurance?

No, you and any named drivers are only insured to drive vehicles identified on your Certificate of Motor Insurance or your Insurance Schedule, which should be kept with your car insurance certificate.
You can add an additional temporary car or an additional driver to your insurance contact your insurance company and they can arrange for a car or driver to be added to your car insurance subject to normal restrictions. They will then send you an amended insurance schedule showing the additional car or driver details.

Can I insure my car for driving abroad?

Normally If you pay an extra premium, your insurance can be extended to provide the same level of cover in the EU and some other European countries. If you want to extend your insurance, you must contact your insurer in plenty of time and they will provide the documents.

I am taking my car off the road - do I still have to pay my insurance premium?

If your car is not used for a continuous period, and this is not as a result of any loss or damage covered by insurance, insurance companies may suspend your cover and refund part of your premium for the laid-up period.



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