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   Types of Car Insurance

Car Insurance Types


Third Party Car Insurance

Car Insurance Central would not recommend this type of insurance. It only covers other peoples’ cars and property so if your car gets stolen you will not get anything, spend the extra and get Third Party Fire and Theft and a decent level of cover.

Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance

Third Party Fire and Theft is very popular with young drivers and is used to cover cars that aren't really worth very much. Car Insurance Central do not recommend this level of cover for your mint condition Mercedes, but it will be fine for your clapped out Fiesta. This type of insurance is also very good if you are a convicted driver and want to keep the cost of your insurance down.

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

Fully Comp Car insurance is the best insurance that you can buy, every insurer has different restrictions and features so check to make sure you know what you can and can't do. Fully comp car insurance doesn't mean that you are covered for everything. Check with your insurance company if you have any special requirements. Protected No Claims Bonus is usually only available if you have over four years of NCB. This doesn't mean you can have as many accidents as you like, you are usually restricted to one and then you start to lose you NCB slowly. Some insurance companies offer over 25s guaranteed NCB which does allow you to have multiple car insurance claims with out it affecting your NCB.



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