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   Purchasing the Right Car

Buying the Right Car

Which is the Right Car for You?

Buying a car that is too big, too small, too impractical or too expensive to run will become a pain very quickly. Try not to buy a car on impulse and don’t let the salesman pressure you into deciding before you’re ready.

How Much Money do You Want to Pay?

That does not mean how much can you afford? That’s very different. Make sure that you have accounted for car insurance and other running costs. If you are purchasing using finance, work out your monthly outgoings and be honest with yourself and also work out the car’s running costs into the finance payments.

Car Insurance

Car insurance can be very expensive, especially on the types of cars we all buy on impulse.

Getting Expert Help

It might be a car-crazy friend or a knowledgeable relative or an independent expert. But If you aren’t too sure, it’s best to get help.

Car Depreciation

Some cars keep their value better than others and those cars that plummet are often thought of as rubbish. In fact some cars can make a great used buy.

Buying the Wrong Car

Purchasing the wrong car, for the wrong price on the wrong special deal is not the end of the world. We all make mistakes at some point. Read this “Buying the Right Car” guide and hopefully, it won’t happen to you again.



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